What is Microbiome Metabolomics?

Microbes that live in a community make small molecules that signal other cells. These drug-like hidden molecules are Microbiome Metabolomics.

The Microbiome:

Each distinct community of microorganisms living in and on virtually every other organism and environment on the planet is a microbiome. Typically, human-associated microorganisms outnumber human cells. There are 40 trillion microbes to 30 trillion human cells, and at 7,000,000 genes estimated for the human microbiome leaves the 23,000 human genes vastly outnumbered.

Why a Microbiome Metabolomics?

The Next Frontier: Exploring the Hidden Signaling Secrets of Microbiome for Reducing Suffering and Finding Cures

Current State of Science: Only a tiny fraction of microbiome drug-like molecules have ever been obtained or studied, but those found generated more than 50% of all the drugs on the shelf.  The new era of advancing deep access to the hidden chemistry of life and connecting to genomics requires a focused organization to coordinate and improve. The goal is to make accessible to researchers > 99% of unexplored small molecules.

Incredible tools have been advanced over the decades that typically focus on the study of the chemistry of culturable microorganisms. Limited access to nature’s complexity permits at best less than one percent of microorganisms to be cultured or their chemistry directly and extensively studied.

  • The vision is to build an expansive library of microbiome-based microbial small molecules.  The library will be made available for testing by researchers under a risk share and or supportive arrangement to alleviate suffering from the rare, orphan, or neglected diseases ultimately.
  • The vision is to advance microbiome mining exploration technologies so humanity can access nature’s hidden secrets.

Microbiome Metabolomics Will Work to Access this New Frontier:

Finding, exploring, and providing the novel, active and potent molecules, while continually improving capabilities, and capacities into the unknown will have an immensely positive impact on humanity.